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Welcome.  I am so happy you are here.  As  a Career Counsellor with 25+ years of experience, I have lots of really great information to share with you, to help you land your next job and build the career of your dreams.

Your resume checklist is on the way to your inbox, however while you are waiting you might like to check out this additional resource.

My Career Planner is designed to walk you through all the steps to your dream job, whether it is your first job or your next job.

Why should I use a Career Planner?

Are you in the building stages of your career, or looking to make some changes?

This career planner will walk you through the steps from beginning to end, including preparing for the interview for that dream job.

Moving up? Check what you need to know on page 7

Identify skills you have and what you need – page 10

Company research?  page 13

Changing directions? page 18

Interviewing well – page 27

As a new member of my community you can get it here for only $7. This is a $10 discount from the regular price.


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