Journaling for Success

Journaling For Success


Unlock Your Full Potential And Realize Your Biggest Goals And Dreams by Journaling


If you are a high achiever you will probably find yourself diligently working towards several goals at any given time, both personally and professionally. Journaling can help you focus on your goals.

As we go about our days, making plans, working through to-do lists and dealing with problems as they arise – it can be easy to lose sight of our ultimate vision.

That’s why it is vitally important to take time every day to think, reflect and appreciate where life has taken us so far.

Journaling is one of the best tools you will ever find when it comes to planning, tracking and ultimately achieving the success you desire.

When you hear the word “Journal,” what do you think?


Too often, our impression of journaling is sitting hunched over a leatherbound book, endlessly struggling to find the right words as we detail our day.

Sure, we intuitively know that journaling is good for us, kind of like eating right is good for us. This doesn’t mean it’s something you’re going to enjoy doing.

Or does it?

First, before going any further, you need to recognize a fundamental truth about journaling: there are many ways to journal for success. And while there is something some refer to as a ‘success journal,’ every journal can put you on the road to success if you’re doing it right.

So how do you go about plotting a better life through journaling?

You start by determining what areas of your life you’d like to work on. Journaling to improve the results of whatever you set out to do depends on how you’re using journaling and which journals you’re using.



Reasons Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal


Spending just fifteen minutes a day writing in your gratitude journal can do amazing things in your life! Scientific studies have proven that showing gratitude on a consistent basis makes people happier and healthier. One of the best ways to get into the habit of cultivating gratitude is by keeping a journal. Here’s a short list of how a gratitude journal can change your life for the better:


A gratitude journal will help you note those simple things you achieve. You’ll also be aware of both big and little things in life that you have to be thankful for by recording in your journal.


A gratitude journal keeps you happy because it keeps you focused on the good things that exist in your daily life.  Once you start a gratitude journal, you are “on the lookout” for good things—both big and small. Imagine what your life would be like if you focused on the positive instead of negative!

Good health

Dis-ease is negative energy that has been stored up from your negative beliefs and memories. You can quickly counteract dis-ease by concentrating on the good in your life over the bad.

Earn more respect

Keeping a gratitude journal gives you the chance to understand the values of life. It makes you approach things in a more organized way thereby improving your level of respect and confidence among friends and colleagues.


Keeping a gratitude journal improves your relationships with people around you because you look for things about others to appreciate. It’s easy to find fault, but once you start showing appreciation for the people in your life, your relationships will grow.

Enhance sleeping

People who keep gratitude journals tend to sleep better because they often reflect on their day before bed, which gives them a sense of calmness.

Less stress

Whether you’re living in a stressful situation or just thinking back to one, your body doesn’t know the difference. It will still fire off all of those stress hormones and create the same physical, mental and emotional tension, whether or not the event is currently happening. By focusing on the positive, you avoid the stress reaction.


You can think of gratitude as being a mental and emotional muscle that you can build with daily exercise. If stuff goes wrong in life and your gratitude muscle is weak, you’ll struggle to find a silver lining in those storm clouds. But if you already have an excellent daily gratitude habit, then your gratitude muscle will be resilient and well-trained, meaning life’s challenges don’t knock you off course as much.

Download a complimentary Gratitude Journal here.


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