Job Search Strategies

Gone are the days when you found a job and stayed at it until you retired.  The world is changing so quickly that most people will have 5 or more jobs between their first and last job.  Job security doesn’t exist.   There are  mergers and takeovers and jobs are lost.  The recent pandemic demonstrated how quickly jobs can be lost.

It’s important to be prepared for changes by keeping your skills and resume up to date and looking at the changes that are happening in the marketplace.  Get my free resume checklist.

Who is hiring?

Take a look at companies in your area and research them to see if they are hiring.  Check to see if you know anyone who works for these companies by using Linked-in or talking to friends.  You can also read articles in the paper to see what they are doing.

You can also look for companies who need the skillls you have even if they aren’t local.  Many companies are offering remote work opportunities.

Sometimes you may see an ad for a different type of position than what you are looking for, but it may indicate that the company is making some changes.  You might consider a “cold call” cover letter with your resume in case they have other openings.

What do you really want?

Take time to really think about the type of job you want.  Then look at the options – does it allow for remote work?  Is there travel involved?

What would be YOUR ideal job?  My Career Planner will help you through the steps.

First impressions

Your resume is your marketing tool.  It takes the place of a personal meeting when you are applying online.  It has to make a good first impression on the employer.


Are you ready for your next interview?  How can you stand out from other candidates?

Interviews are a two-way exchange.  While the company is interviewing you, you are interviewing them to see if the position is what you are looking for.  Be prepared to show that you understand the challengs the company may be facing and also the expectations of the job.  Show what you can bring to the table.

The key to a successful interview is preparation and practice.  Think of it like any professional occupation – it takes time and practice to be good at anything.

If you need some help with your job search, you can set up an appointment by clicking here



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