Interesting Career Facts

Interesting Facts


Interesting Facts: “Gone is the soda jerk and milkman. The telegraphists and the bowling alley pinsetters are relics of the past. The haberdasher, town crier, and lowly VCR repairman have all gone the way of the lamplighter. And that’s just during the 20th century! Due to advances in technology and the evolution of society, many occupations that were once considered essential no longer exist in today’s job market. “  

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Interesting Career Facts

In researching information for my career clients I came across this quote in an interesting article (see link below).  It made me stop and think about some of the people/occupations I came across while growing up.

  • We had a milkman – daily milk delivery with cream on top of the milk.  We had a special box built into the wall for the deliveries.
  • There was someone who would walk around sharpening knives.  He would come every couple of months in the good weather.  I think he had a bell he would ring.
  • There was a Library Bookmobile that came to our street bi-weekly and I read through all the children’s books quickly.
  • I remember going to the bowling alleys with live pinsetters.  They would have to jump out of the way if bowlers weren’t watching and threw a ball.

When my first child was born (1972) I used cloth diapers and had a diaper service that picked up the dirty ones and dropped off clean ones every week.  It was such a blessing to not have to do the extra laundry.

What people do you remember from your childhood/past?


This also made me think about salaries back then.

My first job (age 14) was working at my father’s garage and pumping gas for 25cents an hour.  It gave me enough money to pay for the dances I went to on the weekends in the summers.  When I was first married (1967) my husband was making $3000. a year as an accountant.  I thought we would be fabulously wealthy if he made $5000.  I actually could buy steak and bring home a full bag of groceries on our $3000 salary.


Back to my research mode:  “$3,000 in 1967 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $28,445.43 today, an increase of $25,445.43 over 57 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 4.03% per year between 1967 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 848.18%.

This means that today’s prices are 9.48 times as high as average prices since 1967, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index. A dollar today only buys 10.547% of what it could buy back then.”


What was your first job?  What did you earn when you started working?  Did you think it was a great wage?   

Current situation

I confess I am surprised and somewhat shocked at the number of job openings there are these days. When I was young and when my kids were young, you took whatever was available.  It is all work experience that helps you move up the career ladder.  My girls both worked at the canteens at the hockey rink.  One son worked at McDonald’s.  My other son did labour for a pool store, digging the ground for the pools to be installed.


There were no excuses about it not being what you wanted to do with your life.  It was a fact that if you wanted to buy something or go somewhere, you needed a job.  There was no parent handout or cellphone to connect you with friends.  You had to go physically to meet up.  If my kids wanted to borrow my car they had to pay for the gas.


What are your feelings about this? 


Back to the article I mentioned (see below).  There were jobs there that I never even knew existed or would have even thought about.  As times change, we lose and we gain and sometimes we have no idea what has been lost.


Young people today have grown up with technology.  They have no idea why those of us who are older still sometimes struggle with things that they see as automatic.  (I’m talking about me with cellphones, VCRs (yes I know we don’t have those anymore), etc.


The first job really caught me by surprise. The Groom of the Stool  (without looking, what do you think this job was all about?).  It was abolished before I was born, but it was not something I ever would have known about without this article!!   LOL  Interesting Facts 


I also found #5 – Coffee Sniffer interesting.

Well, that’s it for today.  Talk soon.   Thanks for showing up and reading this.

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