Do You Have All The Ingredients?


Have you ever decided to bake something and then found out you were missing some ingredients?


Our church was having a bake and craft sale and I said I would make some chocolate chip cookies. I bought flour, chocolate chips and brown sugar on the weekend. What I didn’t do was check the recipe to find out I also needed white sugar and baking soda.

chocolate chip cookies
Cookies made with all the ingredients

It’s been quite a while since I baked (pretty much since the kids were all grown up and moved out) and didn’t know what I didn’t have.


I couldn’t get out to get anything as my day was completely booked with clients and meetings, so that morning I thought, “what can I do?”  This is often an important question to ask ourselves – “how can I?” instead of just saying “I can’t.”


I called a friend and asked if she could spare me some sugar and baking soda. She said yes, so I drove to her house and then made the cookies.


This made me think of all the other areas of our lives where we are missing “ingredients” but don’t realize it and then wonder why we struggle.

Essential Ingredients


Organization is one ingredient that would have helped me in this situation – if I had looked at the recipe before I shopped I would have known that I didn’t have white sugar or baking soda and could have purchased them on the weekend.


However, it does give me an opportunity to use this experience to craft a speech for my Toastmasters meeting when I do my Ice Breaker for the Humorous speaking path.


Attitude is an important ingredient for anything that we are doing. If we approach things with a positive attitude, we are more likely to be successful.  This ingredient can make our life better in so many ways.


When we approach things with an “overwhelmed” attitude sometimes it takes another person to help us sort things out so that we can feel more positive.  That is where I can come in for people who are job searching.  I can help take the overwhelm out of writing resumes or preparing for interviews.


Focus is another ingredient that can help us be successful. The other day I helped a client focus in order to sort out some of her goals and results. She had been overwhelmed by all the details and I was able to help her clarify and lift her out of overwhelm into positivity.


I was listening to a Darren Daily broadcast and he was talking about the ingredients we need.   Well, actually he called it 4 Barriers to Success. 1. We don’t know what is possible, 2. We don’t know how to make it possible for us. 3. We don’t know how to get started/motivated to do it. 4. We don’t know how to get others to help us.


He suggested the following: Get around successful people and listen to what they are doing, follow their instructions (book, workshops, map) instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, start with small steps – break down your big goal into manageable chunks, and look for others who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask how they did it, then share all of your knowledge with others to lead and motivate them.


Key takeaway: Success is not a solo endeavour.


The team makes the dream possible. Thank you for being on my team by reading my blog and reading my newsletters (you are getting my newsletters right?).


Let me know how I can help you on your journey.



P.S. Sometimes I share with you opportunities from people I do business with. You are not obligated in any way to check them out, but I hope that you will find some of them beneficial to you.

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