Finding Yourself At Work

4 Questions to Ask About Your Job if You’re Having Trouble Finding Yourself

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Finding Yourself

When you’re trying to find yourself, it can feel like everything gets in the way. We already face the demands of others who would prefer we keep the status quo. Add to this our own baggage that keeps us from looking too closely at who we are. There are many reasons we struggle to figure out who we are.

Now add in one more wrinkle. What if your job is holding you back?

If you’re not sure if half the battle you’re fighting is at work, think about these questions:

What does your employer expect from you?


If you’re expected to be a worker “just like everybody else”, doing exactly as expected without rocking the boat, you may be missing out on what an amazing worker you could be. Generally, this means you don’t feel confident about ideas or new ways of doing things, or you’re in a place where these things aren’t encouraged.

Are you overly agreeable?


What do you do when someone above you asks your opinion on something? Are you just nodding and going along with the majority because you don’t want to stand out?  If so, then you’re no longer giving value to your opinions. Unfortunately, this means you’ll never be heard if this situation stays the same.  This is common for people who identify as Introverts.

Do you become anxious when others deviate from how things are usually done?


If you find yourself protesting, “But this isn’t how that’s done around here,” when someone takes the initiative or comes up with a new way of doing things, it might be because you don’t feel comfortable with change. However, also consider whether you might be in an environment where suppressing yourself for the sake of the status quo is the norm.

Do you need someone to acknowledge everything you do?


If you feel neglected every time you do something at work and don’t get the proper credit, you might want to ask yourself why this bothers you. While it’s good to be recognized for your efforts, this could be a lack of confidence in your abilities, causing you to need this check-in from others to see if you’re okay. Finding yourself would give you more confidence in yourself so you don’t need your job to give this to you.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider how much you’re holding yourself back at work and how this affects your day-to-day life.

Wouldn’t you like to be more creative and confident in whatever job you hold? If so, finding yourself (and possibly a new job) is definitely for you!  I can help.

Fran Watson


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