Create Your Career Plan

image of coffee mug on cover of career planner which will help you build your career Grab This Career Planner and Land The Career of Your Dreams

Are you in the building stages of your career, or looking to make some changes?

Building a dream career is more than wishful thinking.  There is strategy involved as well as time and planning.  You need to evaluate where you are and where you want to go.  Is it a 1-3 year plan or longer?  Do you need more education or training?  How do I research a company?  What are the skills I want to use in my new job?

This career planner will walk you through the steps from beginning to end, including preparing for the interview for that dream job.

  • Moving up? Check what you need to know on page 7
  • Identify skills you have and what you need – page 10
  • Company research?  page 13
  • Changing directions? page 18
  • Interviewing well – page 27

You can land that dream career.  This planner will help you determine what you need to make it happen!



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