Choosing A Career

Choosing A Career

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Choosing A Career

How do you go about choosing a career? Why do people work? 


Many people would say, “For the money”, but is that the only reason?

We cannot possibly do everything for ourselves, so we need other people to do things for us, and then pay them for their work.  In order to do that, we must also do things for other people so that we can earn money. Therefore, you might say that “for the money” would be true.  But what about personal satisfaction?  Would you do ANY job if it paid well enough?  Or are there some jobs which you wouldn’t do, despite the salary.

Career Values

The things which you value like income, location, and free time can play an important part in your career choice.  Other values might include:  friendship, enjoyment, loyalty, family, independence, leadership, achievement, self-realization, expertness, service, prestige, security and power.

Some jobs provide an opportunity for expressing what we believe and value, while other occupations may go against our values.  A job which supports your value system will interest and motivate you far more than a job which goes against your values, despite the monetary rewards.

Many people choose careers that do not pay very well because they enjoy the work and get satisfaction from doing the job or perhaps because it allows them to be close to home and family.


Some people choose to work in an area they are good at or because they have discovered that they have the skills needed for that particular position.  Still others may choose to work at a job which provides enough money to pay for extra curricular activities or luxuries, such as a boat or skidoo or yearly vacations to distant locations,.

Career Rewards

Look at the following list of “rewards” that people might get from work and see what your priorities might be.


  • lets me use my special abilities, skills and knowledge
  • makes me feel that I’m doing something useful
  • keeps me busy and helps fill in time
  • lets me be creative
  • involves doing a variety of tasks
  • allows me to meet a lot of people
  • lets me experience new things and learn more
  • lets me see something for my efforts
  • allows me to be responsible
  • gives me power/influence over others
  • provides opportunities to make friends
  • lets me help people
  • provides money
  • allows me to be with others
  • provides physical activity for me
  • allows me to contribute to the community
  • lets me control my own time
  • allows me to satisfy my other needs
  • offers me chances for improvement and/or promotion
  • allows me to be known and liked by many people

Take a look at your current job and see if it fits your value system.  If not, consider what changes you might need to make.

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To your job search success

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