Career Change Checklist

Career Change Checklist


Looking for work or changing your career can be overwhelming as you consider all of the options available to you.  That is why a Checklist can be handy.

Career Planning is Important


Where do I want to go?” “What do I want to do? ” What kind of a career should I pursue?” 

Making the right plans for your future during these turbulent times can be difficult. It is important to know how to identify opportunities for choice and how to make responsible choices.  Makig the right choice can empower you and enrich your life and career. Unfortunately, many people have not taken the time nor made the efforts to logically think through and plan their career development. People often spend more time planning for a vacation than they do planning their career.

Is It Time For a New Career?


  • Are you feeling burnt out and stuck?
  • Are you in a toxic work environment?

Maybe it is time to look at your options.  Planning a career change requires research, planning and an assessment of your transferable skills as well as your specialized skills.

Transferable Skills include things like healing, sewing, constructing, driving, communicating, persuading, motivating, negotiating, calculating, organizing, planning, memorizing, researching, synthesizing, etc.  Some skills are innate and others are acquired.

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Choosing A Career

One of the critical variables to making a decision is “Labour Market Information”.

Labour Market Information


“Half of the jobs that will exist in the next five years we don’t even have names for now.”  This fact can be seen as frightening, or as exciting, as we all struggle to keep up with the speed of technology, telecommunications, and the explosion of our global information age.  It is important that we have current, realistic information about this changing labour market.

LMI, as it is commonly called, is material and data about the supply and demand for labour within a certain labour market.  A labour market could be a community, a city, a region or a province, a country or larger area.  LMI covers economic, social, demographic and labour force data.  In order to make an informed decision in regards to your future, it is important to understand how your chosen career fits into the labour market.

It is important to recognize the factors and trends that influence why work opportunities emerge, grow, disappear or decline.  You can learn to explore these trends so that you are better able to manage your own career, now and in the future.  You will then be better equipped to make decisions around career choices, education or training, targeted job search, self-employment and continued employability.

Career Transition Questions to Think About


  • Do I need to update my skills?
  • Can I find something compatible with my values?
  • Why do I want to make a change?
  • What are my transferable skills?
  • What is my ideal lifestyle?
  • Do I want to work full time or part time?
  • Do I want to work from home or in an office?
  • What type of career do I really want?
  • Should I take a career assessment test to look at options?
  • What value do I offer an employer?

To survive in the changing work place, it is good to think of multiple career paths rather than a single occupation. Also remember that competition for most jobs is keen and fierce. It is best to prepare for a career and to think of yourself as a person with a variety of skills rather than specific occupational titles.

A person needs to understand that the only thing certain in the world of work today and in the 21st Century is change.



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