Do You Suffer From Procrastination? How to Focus When You’re Surrounded by Distractions   Do you spend a lot of your days procrastinating? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Trying to stay focused when you are surrounded by distractions isn’t easy, especially if you have a lot of tasks to complete. The recent lockdown has […]

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image of dog who naturally accepts itself

Accept Yourself

Acceptance Starts With You Acceptance   Many people look outside themselves for approval, acceptance, and love. But the truth is, they won’t ever find it by looking “out there. It all starts with you—your relationship with yourself. When you are an affirming and supportive friend to yourself, your self-esteem is strong.  External validation is nice, but

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Self Belief

The Power of Self-Belief If you believe in yourself, there is little to stop you in whatever you want to accomplish. It gives you the power to push forward and to defy the odds. You will be able to handle any roadblocks that come your way. You will also brush off the naysayers. It gives

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