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Thanks for checking out my career coaching site.  As a Career Coach/Counsellor I have over 30 years experience helping people with their career research, resume development and interview practice.

“What the heck is career coaching and why should I care”?”

Did you know that Career Coaches help with career planning, career changes, career advice, and other career decisions?  A career coach helps you build the skills and capabilities to improve your job-searching skills. They can help you write a cover letter, review and develop your resume, and help you practice your interview skills.

A coach can help you understand where you currently are in your career, what brought you to this point, and what value you offer employers. A coach can also help you review your short- and long-term goals and whether they are realistic.  Do you have a dream goal?  Do you know what you need to do to achieve it?  Do you need more education or training?  That’s where a career coach can help.

You may be wondering “Why would I need a Career Coach?”

Here are some reasons.

  • Are you stuck in a dead-end job or a toxic workplace?
  • Looking for a way forward in finding your career?
  • Confused as to how to proceed with your job search?
  • Looking for a little help along the way?
  • Unsure about your skills and strengths?
  • No clue how to prepare a resume that will get employers to notice you?
  • Stuck on how to write a cover letter?
  • Flunking out at the interview stage?
  • Lacking self-confidence?
  • Afraid to speak up in meetings?
  • Always seeing the negative?
  • Need some positive affirmations to help?

If you found yourself saying yes to any of those questions, you may benefit from my help.  Click here to book a discovery call.


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