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Do You Suffer From Procrastination? How to Focus When You’re Surrounded by Distractions   Do you spend a lot of your days procrastinating? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Trying to stay focused when you are surrounded by distractions isn’t easy, especially if you have a lot of tasks to complete. The recent lockdown has […]

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Having A Routine Is Important   Do you have a set daily routine you follow? If not, you might want to create one today. Initially, when we transition from child to adult, the lack of a routine is appealing. We no longer have to follow certain rules and routines often go out of the window.

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Do You Have All The Ingredients?   Have you ever decided to bake something and then found out you were missing some ingredients?   Our church was having a bake and craft sale and I said I would make some chocolate chip cookies. I bought flour, chocolate chips and brown sugar on the weekend. What

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